Ron Flavin

Case Study of Ron Flavin Inc. at San Francisco, US

Ron Flavin is a Growth and Funding Strategist, Grant Writer, Author, and Speaker. His past positions include VP of, VP of Turner Group Marketing, Director of Mass Market Sales at the Invisible Armor, and Manager of Corporate and Foundation Relations at Norton Museum of Art. Ron became grant writing in the mid-90s, bringing in more than $170 million in grants for his clients over a 10 year period, working with businesses, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and educational institutions in the US and abroad. In 2011, he authored his book, Business Grants.

Project Category: SEO Content Strategy & Marketing

Role: SEO Content Strategist & Marketer

Project Link:

Project goal

  1. Keyword research targeting business funding & growth.
  2. Intensive review on the reports of SEMrush, Google planner, trends, and BuzzSumo
  3. Generating Ideas for website blog articles, LinkedIn articles, Medium, including other sources
  4. Formatting Article structures based on SEO and targeted topic areas.
  5. Completing editorial content calendar with a plan of publishing.
  6. Providing instructions for the author
  7. Reviewing written articles and revising them as needed.
  8. Publishing all articles on different sources with required media
  9. Article SEO optimization
  10. Content performance report and strategy.


  1. Researching market and keywords based on your services, targeted customers, locations to create a content strategy.
  2. Structuring blog/article content on editorial content calendar with SEO tags and keywords.
  3. Providing clear instructions and guidelines for authors to write SEO optimized articles.
  4. Reviewing, editing, and publishing all content on website using SEO parameters and commercial media images.
  5. Indexing all content on top search engines: Google/Yahoo/Bing for higher ranking and generating leads.
  6. Increased website traffic about 200% than previous traffic.